PE Monopoly

PE Monopoly is an idea from Bobbie Evenson, who teaches middle school in Craig Colorado. It is a great way for your students to practice skills, and for you do some informal assessing.  I use this activity to gauge how my students are progressing on their knowledge of the 5 Components of Health Related Fitness.

Game Pieces are paired up students!

The Game board is posted sheets of paper taped up on walls of gym.  Here is a link to the game board sheets that I use.  Image

Our board is street names and places where we live.  You can easily change or add to the ones I use.  Skills can vary, some of ours are: dribble soccer ball around gym, 5 pushups, 10 skier jumps over line, 3 cartwheels….Water works is written H2O go get a drink, some of the places say “DRAW TOP CARD”.  When students “land” on this they come to me and draw the top card out of my hand.  The cards require students to perform different tasks or give me information ie: Show your teacher two ways to stretch your hamstrings.  Here is the link to my cards,  print them and cut them into fourths.  Again you can easily modify them up to fit your needs.The cards I use allow me check and see how students are doing on the evidence outcomes for Colorado State Standards.  For example fourth graders expected to understand the overload principle.  One of the cards says “explain the overload principle to your teacher.”  I hold the stack of cards so I can manipulate what card they draw.   Quick videoImage

Many giant dice placed in hula hoop in center of gym. Game board sheets taped up on gym walls.

Objective of game: Students roll dice, moving around gym, performing specified tasks.

To start game students traveling in pairs or by themselves, decide a random starting point.  They follow the directions on that sheet.  Then they go to the center and roll dice.  They count on from their starting point.  Just as if they were the playing pieces on the board game. Only doing the tasks of the sheets they “land on”

Skills: You can decide what skills you would like students to focus on and design your “board sheets”.  You can have as many board sheets as you want.  This activity will accommodate a large number of students!

4 responses to “PE Monopoly

  1. Thank you for including all this information! I tried this today with my students and they loved it! I changed a couple of the street names to match our school site. I also found out I need to do a better job teaching the 5 components of health related fitness! Do you have other lesson plans that you use?

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