Week 1 Day 2 Kindergarten Setting Up Positive Environment

CDE Unit: Playing Nice in the Sandbox 

Learning Target: Setting Up Positive Environment

“I can start and stop on an auditory and visual signal” I know which bathroom to use when I am in PE”

Learning Plan

Bathroom and water, name review, introduction to the gym. Music on=move, music

Introduction of spots as personal space. : Homebase, stop and start w/ music, freeze on and off spots,

Small, smaller, tall, taller, narrow, wide, twist, trunk twist, forward, backward, sideways, jump on, off,

around, over, straddle, face me, face another way, walk on heels, toes, pushing, pulling, stopping in

Extra time-Read book: If you Take a Mouse to School


Assessment: student choral response: students point at bathroom they are to use, what do you do when

the music stops?


Why is it important to listen?

Resources: Spark pg 1-3, spots

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