Week 1 Day 2 1st/2nd Grade General Space and Creative Moves

CDE Unit: Play Nice in the Sandbox 1st Grade, Identify Your Feelings 2nd Grade

Learning Target: Setting up Positive Expectations

1 &2  “I can stay in my personal space and move to general space without falling or

bumping. I know what to do if I bump into someone.”

Learning Plan

Learning Plan: personal space/general space.

General space movement to music: stop and start with music

K/1 alternate stop/freeze with go home (to spot)

On spots (second grade-in personal space): helicopter lets you know you have enough personal space,jumping on,over..make a lower case t w/jumps add other letters..

Creative movement:

Practice moving creatively; sizzle, splash, dive, swim, pour, sneak, melt, reach, spin, stretch, hammer,fall, twist..

Introduce Open Space: LOOK< POINT>MOVE stop when you get there on command, scaffold to doing w/out command, then doing w/ variety of locomotor skills, then w/out point variety of locomotor skills, variety of animals

What to do when two students bump

City Streets and Crowded spaces  (space gets smaller and smaller, rushing, catching a bus, picking up papers for someone, windy day, carrying coffee, on phone…..) what are you thinking, doing to keep from bumping into someone?


Exit slip : draw what it looks like when you are in personal space


Why is it important for us each to have our own personal space?

What do you do with your body to keep from falling down?

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