Week 1 1st/2nd Grade Setting Up Positive Environment

CDE Unit: Play Nice in the Sandbox 1st Grade, Identify Your Feelings 2nd Grade

Learning Target: Setting up Positive Expectations

1st G“I can discuss personal space” “I can stop and start using music as cue”“I can move using the concepts of space awareness” “

2nd G “Procedure for bathroom, drinking fountain, shoes, lining up”

Learning Plan

Homebase, stop and start w/ music, freeze on and off spots, terms: Small, smaller, tall, taller, narrow, wide, twist, trunk twist, forward, backward, sideways, jump on, off,around, over, straddle, face me, face another way, walk on heels, toes, pushing, pulling, stopping inbalanced position

Intersperse environmental expectations: bathroom, water fountain,

Behavioral assessment: thumbs up, tried hardest, listened to directions, kept hands and feet to self, were


Observation; Are students maintaining personal space?

Exit slip: draw a picture of what it looks like to straddle your spot.


Why is it important for us each to have our own personal space?

What do you do with your body to keep from falling down?

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