K-2 Setting up Positive Environment

In order to be happy as a teacher and have students who are “set up for success”, making them happy too, clear expectations are a must. My first class periods are spent  assuring students the gym is a safe place with clearly defined expectations. Practicing the expectations makes it easy for everyone to be successful throughout the year. Here’s what I do:

1. Set protocol for using the bathroom, getting a drink, stopping and starting, lining up, …

2. Practice the protocol

3. Practice and practice

4. Give clear and quick directions, don’t drag on, and on, and on…

5. Reward success with positive accolades, “hey let’s watch Billy, he is doing this great!”

6. Keep students moving while they are learning expectations.

7. Let students know I expect them to be successful

8. Consequences for not following rules clearly communicated.

9. I share my  excitement with my students

10. Get them moving right away



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