3rd-5th Week 1 Setting Up Learning Environment

CDE Unit: 3rd Grade-Personal and Social Wellness, 4th Grade , 5th Grade-Responsible Behavior and Decision Making

Learning Targets:

5-3 Students understand safety procedures for: bumping, bathroom, fire-drill,lockdown, drinking fountain, shoes, pairing up

5th. “I Can Identify safety rules for moving in class area”

4th. “I Can identify appropriate footwear and clothing for PE”

3rd. “I Can understand and follow PE procedures and class rules.” “I can us PE guidelines to ask a partner to participate in activity.”

Learning Plan

Warm-up: Everyone is it tag walking to running: 2 finger gentle touch, when tagged freeze w/ hand up,unfrozen after telling another student favorite summer physical activity. Pause for infomercial periodically to inform on: Bumping protocol “are you ok? are you ok?…sorry, sorry”. Bathroom Rules

Name Game Pg 4 3-6 Spark

Partner Activities: 2 activities w/ partner (cognitive, spiral to math tag)

Tell your partner something you did favorite thing you did this summer, activity you did outside, ways to move safely in tag game (look where you’re going, tag gently), activity you could do to raise your heartrate, what to do in fire drill, lockdown, drinking fountain, shoes, bathroom. Embed partner protocol: when someone asks you to be partners, first person you say thank you yes, demonstrate. Not partner shopping,no repeat partners.

Practice getting a partner with Math Tag

Assessment: Observe: Are students tagging w/2 fingers, watching where they are going in WU activity?

Exit slip: What is one thing I can do to be safe in the gym?

Questions: Partners walk and talk, or jog and chat while they discuss: “Describe your role in maintaining a positive learning environment. Why is it important to be able to identify safety rules on your own? What would you say is your number one safety rule? Why?”


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