3rd -5th Grade Setting Up Positive Learning Environment

As with kindergarten through second grade setting up for success throughout the year depends on how well we clearly define your expectations these first couple of weeks. Assuming you’re like me, returning to the same school, your students know you and know they can trust you. Old or new to the school, this step remains critical. Here are the steps I take:

1.Clear protocol for using the bathroom, lining up, getting a drink, what to do in a fire drill, lock down, if someone gets hurt, the expectations around getting and using equipment, how to get a partner…..

2. Practice the protocol

3. Practice and practice some more!

4. Include students in the process. Students set up rules or behavior agreements. (i.e “Be respectful to everyone, Follow the rules in a game even if no one is  watching”)

5. Students think-pair-share, walk and talk, jog and chat reasons we need rules, protocols, agreements

6. I use the model ” do, you do.”  Model the behavior, one student models the behavior, all students practice the behavior.

7. Directions are short and sweet. Think of directions as the old trampoline game “add-on” Start the activity with one two sentences, pause the activity, add on the next rule or element. If students don’t “get it”, back up, practice, then add on. Remember to keep them moving!

8. Start class with an instant activity 

2 responses to “3rd -5th Grade Setting Up Positive Learning Environment

  1. I have over 100 kids at a time. I have one teachers aide. For the first day I would like to get them moving, but I need to place them in their “home bases” . This is the only way i feel I can get to know the students. I want to play name games and stuff, but that might be challenging. Help:)

    • Julie,
      Thanks for taking time to comment. Over 100 kids is a huge challenge! I don’t want to pretend to have wisdom on something I don’t experience. I do have some great teacher friends in my personal learning network who are put in similar situations as yours. I think they might advise, divide and conquer. Split up your space into thirds or fourths. Then think of your students is three classes of 33 or four of 25. All students would get the same directions but participate within their own space. You and your aide move from group to group facilitating the lesson.

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