This page consists of links from past blog entries regarding summative and formative assessments

Standard Based Grading

Exit slips/ Entrance Tasks

Sample Exit slips 3rd-5th  K-2

Additional Simple Assessment Methods

Setting Up Grade Level Checklists

Using “line up” time for informal assessment

LiveBinder Assessments This document is based on the Colorado Sample Curriculum and in rough draft

Standard Based Checklists

These checklists were created on Google Spreadsheet.  They list each Colorado Student Evidence Outcome across the top row.  I paste my student names into the first two columns.  They have conditional formatting where if I put a 1 in for a student, the box turns red, this lets me know I need to revisit the skill with this student, 2 yellow, 3 green, 4 blue.  I can use this system on my Ipad.  I like it better than the paper and highlighter version because I can write comments in with the number and the box size adjusts.  I can easily add new students as they move into our school.  I can also add and revise critical teaching cues at the bottom of the column.  Another feature I really am liking is I can add a column w/in the evidence outcomes to reflect different ways a skill may have been demonstrated (passing w/ hands to partner w/ foam ball, then another column would have passing to partner using a soccer ball. You are welcome to check these out, use them if you would like.

Kindergarten Student Evidence Outcome Checklist

1st Grade Student Evidence Outcomes Checklist

2nd Grade Student Evidence Outcome Checklist

3rd Grade Student Evidence Outcome Checklist

4th Grade Student Evidence Outcome Checklist

5th Grade Student Evidence Outcome Checklist

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