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As an elementary physical education teacher I find my job exciting and challenging.  Following the Colorado State Standards, I  teach students movement competence and understanding, physical fitness,  wellness concepts and practices, along with prevention and risk management. My lessons are developed using brain based research, including growth mindset research and activities that are developmentally age appropriate. My lessons are child centered with clearly defined learning targets.

My content, pedagogy, and methodology all pale in comparative importance to developing relationships with each of my students. I truly believe that knowing my students, and communicating to them I like them and care about them as individuals, is the single most meaningful thing I can do as their teacher. Next to letting students know I care about them comes developing life long lovers of movement. I believe this is my second greatest calling. I have the pleasure of developing in students the joy of moving; through development of motor skill competence, building perceived competence,small sided games, allowing for choice in activity, exploration and cooperation.

My goal of writing this blog is to develop a community of physical educators who can share practices, and ideals, learning from each other and ultimately increasing the quality of each students’ physical education experience.

I would love your comments and feedback!  If you would rather, my email is lburrows@egsd.org.  Again please share your ideas!


Lynn Burrows

“Physical Education is the only part of a child’s school day where their entire physical body, brain and senses are integrated into meaningful movement.”  Lynn Burrows

10 responses to “About

    • Thanks Michelle! I checked out your school website and realized I need to work on my “about page!” Nice job on yours. It gives the reader insight, sounds like your students are lucky to have such an awesome PE teacher and I could learn lots from you! I hope you will share some of your thoughts and ideas regarding my blog posts.

  1. So glad I have found your site! Just curious are you a National Board Certified Teacher? I am going through the process now. It was awesome seeing your picture of your ‘I can’ statements as I do the same thing on my black mats with chalk!

    • Hi Judi,
      Yes I am National Board Certified. I commend you for going through the process. I know going through certification made a huge impact on my teaching! I’m glad you are part of Lovepe.me site’s conversation!

  2. My elementary aged kids have pe class twice a week. Several times this year, they have come home telling me that they got to have a third recess today for pe class. I have seen, at times, their pe teacher on the soccer/football field playing with the boys, while others in the class are walking around, talking, and/or playing on the other playground equipment. My question is, should this be considered acceptable as a great pe class?

    • Sherri,
      What you are describing doesn’t sound like a great PE class. My knee jerk reaction is one of disappointment in my colleague. However I don’t want to be too quick to judge. There could have been many circumstances that would have led to the situation you described. Often in buildings where physical education isn’t valued by administration, PE teachers will be “kicked out” of the gym for the day for science fairs, picture days, program rehearsals…. without any notice. In that case going outside and offering students a choice of an organized game activity or physical activity of their choice might be a fine practice. Perhaps the physical education teacher is only joining in temporarily to provide modeling of what it looks like to pass to every player, or encourage teammates. These are only two of many ideals. But on the other hand, replacing physical EDUCATION with unstructured physical activity as a physical education practice is surely not excellent. I guess I would recommend you start by voicing your concerns to your children’s physical education teacher. You can express your desire for you children to be involved in a quality physical education program and perhaps hear from the teacher what their thoughts have been. Ideally your conversation might inspire the teacher to reflect on their practices thereby improving the physical education experience for all. In addition, there are many resources around quality physical education, this article from Spark is a good place to start. Good luck to you and please let me know how your conversations go!

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  4. Aloha, I saw your assessment sheets and wanted to know where the codes are to change the color settings?

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