Four Great Activity Resources

IMG_0473Often when I am writing my plans I need some good ideas for different ways I can help my students achieve their grade level learning targets. I know my students love to learn and practice skills through engaging activities. Here are my go to sites.

  1. The Physical Educator  This Youtube site created by Joey Feith is fantastic. Games are categorized: Fundamental Movement Skills, Cooperation Games, Health and Fitness… And of course they follow awesome physical education quality practices. This should be every elementary teacher’s first “go to.”
  2. The P.E. Specialist  This Youtube site created by Ben Landers is one of my students favorites. Again Ben demonstrates quality physical education best practices. My students like when I play Ben explaining the rules directly to them, like they are in his class. Activities are found in Games Videos. Ben also has videos on management tips, how tos… This is a great resource.
  3. Phys.Ed Games  This Youtube site created by Brian Gadient has dozens of easy to implement activities and games. Games are categorized by age appropriateness and skill. This site does include human target activities such as dodgeball. However, the other games are great so of course I just skip over the human target games.
  4. Ben Pirillo Teach Phys Ed  Ben’s Youtube site is a treasure trove of ideas. Ben publishes new ideas all the time. In addition to finding great specific skill related games, especially for my Kindergarten, First and Second graders, Ben has seemingly hundreds of dance videos.

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