Get Outside!

At SHAPE Colorado our vision reads:

Coloradans living active, and healthy lifestyles


One of the great opportunities we have as educators in Colorado is teaching students how we can enhance our wellbeing through being active outside. So I hope you not only seize each opportunity to go outside and play yourself, but encourage your students to do the same. I want to challenge each of us to spend more time enjoying outdoor adventures. To bring us all some outdoor inspiration, I have compiled a list of resources and ideas for us to get our students outside.


Is this really necessary?

  • Students on average are spending 6-9 hours on media! In addition, we know very few of our students will continue with team sports beyond high school. We want to be sure to instill a love of lifelong outdoor activities.


Is moving learning outside worth it?

  • According to research there are multiple benefits to getting students outside:
  1. Improved short term memory
  2. Increased energy
  3. Stress relief
  4. Inflammation reduction
  5. Better vision
  6. Immune system boost
  7. Improved mental health…..


Let’s share with our students the love of being outside! As you take the challenge to go outside, here are some ideas and resources you may find interesting.

Outdoor Selfie Contest

Have your students take a selfie of their outdoor adventure for a bulletin board promoting Get Outside!

Cross country skiing or Nordic Skiing

Nordic rocks: Free nordic skis for schools

These nordic skis are for use with very little snow, elementary aged students use the easy bindings with their snow boots or tennis shoes.

Nordic Rocks contact person:

Sample Nordic Ski Curriculum


Snowshoe activities and games

Sample Snowshoe curriculum


Archery in the school grants


Basics of teaching children geocaching:

Geocaching in physical education classes

A middle school teacher’s experience and resources for geocaching

Places in Colorado to geocache


Teaching snowboarding in the schools.

This series of lessons is actually for inside a gym


Considering all these resources and benefits, outdoor learning may be worth us all trying to incorporate more. Our students won’t be the only ones to benefit, we will also benefit from time spent outside. We live in a state with enormous outdoor resources, let’s take advantage of the influence we have as educators and encourage our students to get outside! 

On a personal note, thanks to each of you for making a difference in the lives of children and young adults throughout our wonderful state. Together we are influencing all students to live active, and healthy lifestyles.



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