My “to do” list this year


I just returned from our district’s start of the year welcome meeting. Everyone was smiling, inquiring about summer adventures, catching up; I would describe the atmosphere as one of excited anticipation. Excited anticipation definitely describes my feelings. As I sat in the general session, just a little antsy, I decided I would create a “to do” list. I have shared it here. The general session was more engaging than I originally anticipated, so my list is short. Please feel free to share what you put on your “to do” list this fall.

  1.  Slow down enough to make eye contact with my students, letting each child understand I value them and they are important to me. I may copy Nick Spencer’s idea and make a practice of standing at the gym door and personally greeting each student.
  2. Reach out weekly in my community and in the greater global community to educate and promote the importance of quality physical education.
  3. Generate enthusiasm for our state organization SHAPE Colorado by passing along information to my colleagues.  I want to also bring a group from our district to the SHAPE Colorado fall conference.
  4. Post my values and personal mission statement where I will see it daily.
  5. Review my long term professional goals: 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years. Celebrate progress, revise and/or set new ones.
  6. Share my gratitude daily by sending thank-you notes, emails and verbally expressing my gratitude towards colleagues and students.

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