Infusing Content Knowledge into Everyday Instant Activites

Often students give me information as an entrance ticket back into activity

Often students give me information as an entrance ticket back into activity

Benefits of Instant Activities infused with Content Knowledge

1. Students are so excited to get started, let them!

2.Reduces tardies

3. Reduces behavior problems that happen when students who are so excited to “get going” have to sit and get.

4. Increases MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity.

5. Sets the stage for future learning.

6. Acts as formative assessment.

7. Sets mindset that physical education isn’t just “What are we playing?”

Here are some instant activities I do:

Artery Tag– used to be Line Tag.  First have student walk on lines, explain blood only travels one direction so students cannot pass each other. Then add taggers, when tagged freeze with hand up, become “blocked artery”. Then add way for students who are artery blockages to join back in. They tell friend two ways to keep heart healthy. We focus on “Drink lots of water, get lots of exercise, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and never ever ever smoke.”

Know it all Tag: Its start with stack of cards. Cards are questions from evidence outcomes. We did fourth grade: “How many hours of sleep do you need? How much water should you drink every day? How many minutes of MVPA? Show me way to lift heavy object…” When my students don’t know answer or give me wrong answer, I send them out to hallway outside of gym where I have info boards


Flash Card Tag: Students begin with 3-4 flash cards. Every one is it. When student tags someone, tagger gets to “flash” a card. If the other student knows the answer, there is no exchange, play on. But if student doesn’t know answer right away, or says wrong answer, they have to take card. Object of game is to get rid of all your cards. When students have over 5 cards, they bring them to me and then scan QR code that takes them to juking video click here to see so they can review dodging skill. If students don’t have any cards, they scan QR code and answer choosing your challenge level questions: click here to see.  More about thinking like Goldilocks

  • Instant activity- all the benefits 60 minutes mvpa, plus
  • physical skill- cutting and juking, physical fitness
  • cognitive skill- choosing the challenge level to work at
  • formative skill- how many of my students need work on cutting and juking, when they watch the video, do they get it?
  • Integration- math skills

Bandaid or Hospital Tag: Original Version – first time tagged hold spot that was tagged, next time tagged hold that spot too, third time tagged go to sideline, 5 jumping jacks- miracle healing, go back in game.  We revised to Heart Rate tag: first time tagged hold fingers on one pulse point, second time tagged hold fingers on other pulse point, third time come take 6 second heart rate with me.  Or, Muscle Tag; half the class had cards with Quadricep written on card, half the class with Hamstrings written on card.  First time tagged hold hand on muscle, next time tagged go to side line and stretch muscle, or do exercise that strengthens muscle.

Math Tag:  Partner: Perimeter, Factors, Sum. Partners start facing eachother with one hand behind back, they say “ready, set, go” and flash their hand. First person to correctly perform “function” is being chased for 3 seconds, or until someone steps out of bounds (out of the perimeter) or until tagged. Restart game in same boundary.  Peppered with content  “tell your partner something you might say at the end of a basketball game other than “good game or good job”  tell your partner what you might say to your teammate when they give you a good pass., tell your partner what you might say to encourage them when they make a mistake… so later in lesson when we are in game play or working with partner, we’ve already practiced

Health Related Fitness Tag, or  Skill Related Fitness Tag: pool noodle taggers, when tagged go perform activity that would better this component. I use this as a formative assessment by having the components posted on the wall. When students get tagged by particular component i.e cardiorespiratory fitness, they go to the wall where that component is named on a sheet of paper taped up on wall. When there, students do 20 second activity to increase cardiorespiratory fitness. I can view if students know what to do at each component. If they are stretching at Muscle Strength, I know more instruction on the 5 components of health related is needed.

Tail Tag: tuck scarves into waistband. When scarf is pulled students take scarf to sideline and do 3 pushups or 8 count cross-crawl. Added formative assessment, “if your scarf is blue when it gets pulled bring it to me, ask students to tell you how many health related fitness components, or how many hours of sleep do you need?” Switch colors so assessing a variety of students. Can add skill of juking.

What instant activities do you use to infuse content knowledge?

2 responses to “Infusing Content Knowledge into Everyday Instant Activites

  1. I do the Fitness components Tag as well very similar! I have used it for an assessment for my SLO’s this year and has helped a lot to know where they are and they don’t know they are being tested!

    • Like most activities, this one wasn’t my idea. Allie Sabat (tag master) from Steamboat shared this idea with me. I read once every good teacher is really a good pirate. Not sure about the good teacher part, I definitely give it my all, but I know I am a really good pirate!

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