The Power of Social Media

Through social media I have come to know many great physical educators. Many already have blogs and are active on Twitter. I hope to highlight some of these great educators and their awesome ideas through Alex O’Brien is one such educator who is a leader in teaching content knowledge within physical education. What I really like about Alex’s approach is students aren’t missing out on skill or MVPA to learn content. Those of you who read this blog regularly, know I am a huge proponent of this approach. So when I saw Alex’s work I thought “he should do a guest blog!”

After Alex and I spoke about him doing a guest blog post we realized he probably has more than one post of information to share. I’m looking forward to him sharing ideas regularly! You can tell his playful nature from this video he put together just for the readers of giving some background information.

Alex O'Brien introduction

Alex O’Brien introduction

Preview YouTube video Chattin with Chuck Content is KingChattin with Chuck Content is King

Alex’s masters research focused on academic content integrated into physical movement, comparing how they can affect short & long term retention. As a PE teacher, he was instrumental in incorporating technology, social media, and video into PE, district wide. Alex is also  a Trainer for Focused Fitness, and director of film & social media.  Alex’s email signature line says it all “Be happy, be healthy, & always keep that smile on.” His personal blog is


4 responses to “The Power of Social Media

  1. It took me a few minutes to realize that the interviewer and the guy being interviewed were one in the same! Funny, funny stuff! Loved it! This fun kind of approach is a great way to grab students’ attention.
    Way to go, Alex O’Brien! I look forward to more of your posts.

    • Chris,
      I am laughing because I came to know Alex through social media, then we spoke on the phone, we have never met in person. So, I too took a few minutes to realize the interviewer and Alex were one and the same!

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