Technology in Physical Education

iPads in PE, iPads in gym

iPads in Physical Education allow students to self assess and refine skills

I was excited to be asked to put together a “Technology in Physical Education” workshop. As I put together this workshop it occurred to me that you, readers of blogs, and Twitter friends are probably my greatest resource. I am greatly interested in how you use technology effectively. In my own teaching, technology must pass through the filter:

Does this enhance student learning and/or achievement?

Does this increase my teacher effectiveness?

Please share your top way or top couple of ways you use technology to enhance student learning or achievement, or increase your effectiveness!

9 responses to “Technology in Physical Education

  1. I think the most effective way I use technology is having students video each other, then they watch their video and make corrections on performance. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then video must be worth a million because I can correct students, their peers can correct, but when they see it on video, then AHhh Ha!

  2. I agree with Jennifer, I like the video analysis aspect that technology brings to my classes. I use Ubersense (because it’s free) and the fact both students and I can watch the video clips in slow motion & pause during the action really helps create talking/teaching points and provides opportunities for instant, specific, visual feedback. Kids “get it” when they see what they look like compared to what they “think” they look like.

    I also love using my iPads for students to log their pedometer steps at the end of class. I have 6 student iPads, so during the last 2-3 minutes of class we stop and I have kids go grab an iPad, click on their class form, select their name from the dropdown menu, input their steps and hand the iPad to another student. I created Google forms for this with the Sheet Spider script. When students enter data on the form, it not only goes to my master spreadsheet, but the SheetSpider script allows the data to also go to an individual spreadshett for each student. So at the end of the grading period they have their own pedometer log with their total steps (activity level) – great portfolio piece to share with parents & use with students to set goals.

    Finally, for me as the teacher, I’m going on my 3rd year of using Class Dojo with my K-5 graders. I absolutely love this program and having the opportunity to track behaviors in real time and keep parents informed with a weekly behavior report on their student is priceless! Parents feel connected and they help support the learning environment in the gym by celebrating their child’s accomplishments at home and helping them keep on track. The students love to earn “dojo points” and I love that at the end of the grading period I can view each student’s overall positive behavior percentage that really helps with grade objectively when it comes to the behavior section on the report card.

  3. Hello! First, I agree with your filtering system 100%! I was lucky enough to be part of an iPad initiative in my school district. This included attending Apple Vanguard training. We are in our second year of being a 1:1 iPad district. I teach k-5th and iPads have changed my physical educatuon classes! Here are a few of my favorites!

    1. iPad camera- like the other comments, there is something about the kids seeing themselves performing!

    2. Educreations- students now can have pictures taken of themselves in action, and can record their voice critiquing themselves. In addition they can also write (draw) on their pictures. While preparing for our Fitness gram tests, this was great! I had them say two really good aspects of thier push ups and two things they need to work on. The students could see exactly how their push ups looked! This was effective, and I definitely saw an overall improvement!

    3. QrafterPro- (or any other QR code app) I use this as a review over each unit. I create QR codes that may include a google doc giving directions, or a video of a basketball player dribbling with a voice message from me instructing them to now dribble 10 times. (These are just examples). I also include health lesson reviews with the codes. An example is creating a skit about stranger danger, then have them put their videos into a QR code. I adjust this for the lower grades. I actually made a worksheet of QR Codes for k-1st and the scanned each and then did the activity. It took a lot if patience, but worked eventually!
    I also use Dojo to track behavior/participation. We use counter up to track laps, reps, ect. I use Showbie for my kids to “drop” their work in electronically! I use a projector to put the scoreboard on my gym wall!
    I recently began the process of purchasing/installing an Apple TV bid, and flat screen TV. I too am getting ready to present iPads in PE at our state (KAHPERD) convention!

  4. For me, the use of technology has always been used to enhance the instruction that I deliver to my students. That being said, technology is nothing more than a tool. Just like a hammer that drives a nail, technology in education drives me to want to be a better teacher. As far back as I can remember, I have used technology in my classes. How many of you can admit that you have used a record player in class? I have. How many will admit they have used 8 tracks and cassettes? Yep, used those too. Are these technology? They sure are. How about VHS? Used that too. I used to video record my students doing football skills and then grade them based on their performance. This was before those letters went home asking parents if it was OK to record their children. Yes, I’m that old.

    With the advent of the iPad, teaching has taken a HUGE step forward. Not only am I able to do routine tasks such as take attendance, but I am also able to record grades, video assess my students, document behavior, communicate with parents, read professional publications, connect with other P.E. Professionals, and the list goes on and on. For me, technology, and more specifically the iPad, has enabled me to work more efficiently. No longer do I have to thumb through countless documents to find the right page or write down for hours and hours lesson plans. All of it is in my hands. One stop shop.

    Now I realize not everyone thinks like me. Thank goodness. Sometimes I feel like I AM an iPad. All I know is that when I show my students how they look while doing gymnastics through the Coach’s Eye app, or when they are moving along to a music routine I created using the iMovie app, I see their faces light up and their excitement grow. Using technology enhances instruction, and we as educators need to climb aboard. The ship has left the dock. Let’s not be left behind.

  5. I started using iDOCEO this year. It has the potential to store pics and video as well as files for each class. I can keep organized with the planner & take attendance or make remarks. I will be getting some iPads in the gym soon, so I am eager to see how others use them. In the past I use tech to record dance permormance. In Health, there is potential to use tech. But I’ve got to be honest, the logistics of getting S logged in and at the right app, then logged out and stored for next class has been challenging. Not to mention printing or sharing/saving. We are at the beginning of out tech learning curve. I can see iPad use in a station or small group. I also like instant replay apps I have seen recently as well as an app that uses QR codes on card stock that students hold up to show their understanding, as teacher scans room with iPad and the class instantly sees the group results–I think it is called plicker. A question I have for this group is how do they use music in their class wirelessly? What equipment do you have? Do you like how it works? Right now my device is wired into the portable speaker and I have to go over and stop the music manually. Do you use any apps that set a circuit of music ( intervals ) so one doesn’t always have to be close to control it? I like the potential of google forms, iMovie, and video analysis. I’d like to hear about apps for fitness / nutrition diaries. Thanks for your help everyone.

  6. Like the other posts, I use the iPad to enhance the learning process for my students as well as make more efficient use of my time. I use the QR codes, Ubersense App, iMovie, My Heart Rate, Fitness Pal, Quizlet (vocabulary), and anything else I can find to help students learn.
    With all this tech i try not overwhelm the students with it, so I now use Google Classroom as a one stop shop for students to receive class announcements, assignments for day, and a place to upload videos and submit assignments. So far I like how easy it is to use for my students and myself.

  7. My district is coming to the end of a three year PEP Grant that has been able to change the way in which students receive their physical education. I have an Ipad that I use with apps such as Coach’s Eye. We have upgraded equipment from all ends and have received pedometers at the elementary level and heart rate monitors at the middle and high school level. Each elementary has been given a smart Tv with apple TV and chromecast. This has helped to provide different opportunities for students to see different information through online videos. The heart rate monitors can be synced to the Tv through and app so the students can see their HR as they are working out. My problem with some of the technology is being overwhelmed by the amount of students I have and the little amount I see them. I see my students 1 time per week and have nearly 800 students. How often do you see your students? I have seen my Monday classes less than 12 times this school year! This is the part that is so frustrating! As I am typing this, I have come to the realization that technology could be my answer. Creating a blog/website that they could access from home could solve some of the time issues…..just thinking while I’m typing. Any ideas would be appreciated!

    • First of all Andrew, thanks for taking time to respond to this blog. You have lot to accomplish with little time, which is the perfect fit for technology! I agree creating a website with information is always a good idea. Whether you only see your students once a week, or daily we must be extremely purposeful in our teaching. Technology is a good fit when it is used as a tool to further our teaching purposes. Step counters and heart rate monitors are excellent tools for increasing the physical activity intensity within our class periods. Flipping the learning by using a website is another way to maximize our time with students. Instructional videos and differentiated instructional links can provide individualized learning opportunities for students while increasing student responsibility. Google forms, Docappender and Flubaroo are all excellent tools allowing for quick assessments that are easy to grade, and report back out to students again all tools that have been shown to increase achievement. Shape America has some great online teacher tools under teacher toolkit. One such tool is a monthly printable fitness calendar available in English and Spanish. I send this out via email monthly to each of our students’ families. Colleagues and myself have had varied success with getting a wide population of students to access websites outside of school hours. I would love to hear how you’re planning on using your website.

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