Starting the School Year: Setting Personal Teaching Goals

     The start of the school year is a great time to set  personal teaching goals.  Over the summer I get recharged to change up certain aspects of my teaching.  Usually these resolutions drift around in the back of mind as I think about specific students I teach.

As students pop into my mind sometimes I am wondering how their special vacation went, other students I worry about their health or safety.  These musings lead me to making resolutions.  My resolutions are based on my belief that I have an enormous impact on students’ lives.

I ponder how I can empower students to make healthy choices when up against tough circumstances.  I ponder how I might provide encouragement, skills, motivation, challenges….(the list seems endless) to make a positive impact on each of my students’ lives.

Sometimes I become overwhelmed thinking there are too many students, behavior issues, assessments, standards…(the list seems endless) to do more than act as a revolving door.  I know this to not be true!  I know that all the little things add up to make an enormous difference in students’ lives.  I know that often physical education  is the reason students want to come to school.  However it is not just the fact that when students enter the gym they are almost guaranteed an activity they love, I  believe the responsibility rests on my shoulders.

Setting personal teaching goals holds me to the course.  I jot my goals down on sticky notes to remind me, I leave the notes in my calendar, I put them on files and in drawers, I make notes in books I know I will later reference.  Sometimes I even will make a cryptic note on the white board in the gym and leave it there for a couple of weeks.

What are my goals this year?

1. Continue on the course building relationships

2. Use more video feedback, which should be easy, our school got a ipad cart at the end of last year!

3. Expand on the culture at my school that encourages and teaches about healthy living to extend more towards making healthy choices at home.

Throughout the year I will  dedicate some posts to each of these goals.  I would love to hear about your goals this year!  If you haven’t set personal teaching goals, try setting just one.  Let me know what it will be and we can share our successes!

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