Healthy Habits Challenge

This summer I have had the privilege of working with Jen Smith, energetic, knowledgable PE expert. Healthy Habits Challenge is a must do lesson she shared with me. The gym is set up with a track marked with cones around the perimeter of gym. In the center of the gym is a bucket with challenges. students are in partners, sharing the use of a scooter and taking turns on track or picking out of bucket.

Healthy Habits Challenges

Students will move through the course by jogging, swimming (on scooter on stomach), and biking (sitting on scooter facing forward). Students will rotate with their partners. Each time they complete a lap, they will pick a card from the bucket and perform the activity while their partner completes the next lap. Students will continue to complete the course keeping track as to how many times they complete the Triathlon. The objective is to relate the activities during the course  to nutrition, sleep, water intake, and exercise and how it can affect the way a person performs and feels while participating in the Healthy Habits Triathlon.


You only 4 hours of sleep: You run out of energy and have to rest, go half way and rest for 30 seconds before finishing your lap.

You get 11 hours of sleep: Can go at normal pass during your next time around

You ate a Double Cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant: you and your partner have to do 30 mountain climbers to work off the calories before your next time, you also have to go half the speed (go half way, stop for a minute, go the rest of the way)

You drank a can of soda: you have to do 20 high knees to work off the calories before your next time around

You ate a well balanced meal: You don’t have to work off extra calories so you can save your energy

You did not warm up before you started: You ended up in the medical tent with a pulled muscle, you are still able to complete the next lap but you have a 1 minute delay before you start.

You did not cool down after your last workout: Your muscles are very sore causing you to move slower, you have to take a break half way through. Go half way, stop for 30 seconds, go the rest of the way.

You ate a candy bar: you and your partner have to do 15 pushups before starting your next lap


You drank plenty of water: you can go at normal speed

You did not drink enough water: you ended up with a leg cramp and in the medical tent. You have a 1 minute delay

You did not eat a well balanced breakfast: You run out of energy causing you to take lots of breaks, Take at the first 3 cones for 30 seconds each for a total of 3 breaks/1.5 minutes.


You ate a large fry from Wendi’s the night before: you and your partner must do 30 crunches to burn off the extra calories before you start your next lap.


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