SHAPE America

As you probably know our professional organization recently changed names from AAHPERD to SHAPE America. If you don’t already frequent the website, let me encourage you. ” Horay you! Go check it out! You’ll really love it!”

The new website has a clean smart look. SHAPE stands for Society of Health and Physical Educators.  In the past I’ve used the teacher toolbox to print activity calendars, and get holiday ideas. I’m thrilled to find the teacher toolkit is still available. There is even a coaches toolbox! However the coolest update is SHAPE America members worked to create a document titled Grade Level Outcomes for Physical Education. This great document will become my new planning blue print. Wondering what a first grader should be able to do? Wonder no longer, this document spells it out for each grade! Exciting! I know I’m such a PE nerd! Check it out, I know you will be glad to be a member of such an awesome professional organization!

SHAPE AmericaThese are contributers to the Grade Level Outcomes for Phyiscal Education as listed on the SHAPE America site:

AAHPERD Curriculum Framework Task Force

Lynn Couturier, Task Force Chair, State University of New York College at Cortland Stevie Chepko, Rock Hill, SC Shirley Holt/Hale, Oak Ridge, TN Dan Persse, Blaine, WA Brad Rettig, Lincoln, NE Georgi Roberts, Fort Worth, TX

Principal Writers: Lynn Couturier, Stevie Chepko, Shirley Holt/Hale

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