5 Components of Health Related Fitness Tag

Last week I was lucky enough to attend two  great professional development days with physical educators from Northwest BOCCES. Christine Sinclair did a fantastic job taking our group through the Physical Best Activity Guide (I highly recommend this book!), and various instructional models. And of course, much of the learning and enjoyment came from meeting with other like professionals. One of these professionals, Allie, who teaches in Steamboat shared the following tag game. I came back, taught it 3rd -5th grade, loved the activity, and immediately contacted Allie to get her approval for sharing it here.

You will need:

5 Taggers  Taggers are Pipe Insulation, or Cut up Pool Noodle (various colors works best) with 1 of the  5 Component of Health Related Fitness written on each tagger.

Assign 5 different “its.” Give each “it” one of the taggers.  When they tag someone, they show them what the tagger says. ie..”Cardio-respiratory Endurance”.  Students then have to perform an activity to increase or strengthen this fitness component. I like the idea of having the different components different colors because it allows for a quick assessment.  For example if the Cardiorespiratory tagger is a short piece of a red pool noodle, I can watch when a student gets tagged.  Do they know what kind of activities increase cardio-respiratory endurance?  We did have a “body composition” tagger, we discussed body composition is what we eat and how physically active we are. When students were tagged by “body composition” they went and got a drink of water.

Thanks Allie for the great idea!  Have you played similar games?  Please share them with our readers!

Health Related Fitness Tag

Fun active game to practice applying knowledge about 5 HRF components

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