Fitness Race Track Reading!

Integrate reading into fitness lesson

Teach muscles strength, cardiovasuclar endurance on scooters!

The perimeter of the gym is marked off with cones or mats creating the race track.  There is an entrance to the track and a Pit Stop.  Inside the track is the tag game area.  In the tag game area students are playing seated scooter noodle tag with 2-3 taggers. Seated scooter tag increases muscle strength.  After a few minutes students think-pair-share “What part of your body is feeling tired?  What are the names of those muscles?”  Then I comment “Our muscles get stronger when we do exercises that make them tired.  So today we are making our hamstrings and abdominal muscles stronger!”  I use enough taggers that all the students are getting tagged frequently.  When a student gets tagged they scooter over to the track entrance.  Once on the track students run behind their scooter jumping their knees onto scooter.  Reminder: “keep heads up and watch where you are going.”  The race track increases Cardiovascular Endurance.  During the practice round when students  arrive around the track at the Pit Stop they feel their pulse.  Again students think -pair -share ways our bodies respond to exercise.  I comment “When our heart rate increases because we are exercising we are making our heart muscle stronger.”  From then on each time they come to the Pit Stop I show them a sight word flash card.  I hand them the card when they read it.  They take their card back to their home spot (in my gym students have a poly spot on the mat, they put cards under their poly spot.  If you use cones to mark the track they could each have their own cone.)  After they have put away their card, they join back in tag game. Change taggers every few minutes.  At the end I have them tally all the cards they read and say something like “Wow, you really know lots of words!”

Integrate Sight Words into Fitness Lesson

Muscle Strength and Cariovascular Endurance Lesson

Differentiation:  When a student doesn’t know a word we practice a couple of times and then I give them the card.  The next time they come to the pit stop I give them an easier word.  We do the same activity with math flash cards.  I always ask the teachers what they would prefer math or sight words.

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