Call to all PE teachers! This is a reblog from Artie Kamiy’s Wonderful and Random P.E. Blog.  There is a link located on the left column of this page

Artie Kamiya's Wonderful & Random PE Blog

2013 PEI Masthead
* “My PE Manifesto.” By definition, a “manifesto” is a public statement or “action of intention, belief, opinion, or policy advocating political and/or social action.” As such, manifestos are typically radical and ardent in nature, use statements that run counter to conventional practice, challenge the status quo, and are threatening to those in power. I am issuing this “Physical Education Manifesto” dialogue because I believe that we must fundamentally re-evaluate, re-define, and re-design physical education for the BENEFIT OF THE CHILDREN AND YOUTH WE SERVE. As a whole, the work to be done is so crucial that it will require urgent pedagogical, social, and political action!

WHY NOW? I believe that we have reached a tipping point in our country in regards to the purpose and value of K-12 physical education. For example, I believe that there is wide-spread confusion as to the role and value of physical education versus…

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