Line Tag or the New Artery Tag?

IMG_0001Yesterday my 2nd graders played line tag as a warm up activity then Artery Avengers (see previous post).  Line tag is a simple fun game where everyone can only move on the lines of your floor.  Two students are it, tag others, tagged students become road blocks.  When we were transitioning to Artery Avengers, one of my students said “I just made a connection from Line Tag to Artery Avengers.  When we are playing line tag we could change the name to Artery Tag.  When we get tagged we become a Blockage causing a Blocked Artery.  Kids who aren’t tagged could be oxygen cells traveling in the arteries to the working muscles.  When they get to a blocked artery they could remind us; drink lots of water, eat healthy, and exercise.  We then could go free.”  Wow, Line Tag forever changed by a second grader.  LOVE IT!

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