Artery Avengers, teaching heart health to primary grades

Artery Avengers: Primary K-2 Adapted from Physical Best Activity Guide

Artery Avenger Game

Elementary Physical Education Heart Health

Divide students into 4 groups, mark off gym into fourths with small cones, each quadrant of gym has 4-8 hula hoops, mulitlple yarn balls. I explain to students that we have tubes throughout our bodies that our blood pumps through called arteries.  When we don’t take care of arteries and eat too much food that is high in fat, when we get old our arteries can become clogged (again this is all from Physical Best Activity Guide).  The hula hoops represent our arteries, the yarn balls represent globs of fat.  Students toss yarn balls(fat globs) into each other’s hula hoops (arteries).  Two rules: when glob of fat is in hoop they can’t remove it, can only throw from own quadrant.  We play one round, quick meet and I remind them some fat is good, lots of fat can be a problem.  We then discuss ways to keep our arteries healthy: drink lots of water, exercise and eat healthy.  Students are given a poly spot, (fat blocker) that represents one of these ways to keep arteries healthy.  They use the poly spot to block the fat globs being tossed their direction.  We don’t stop and count or see who has the most.  Instead I have students move one quadrant clockwise (so they have new close neighbors), they clean out the arteries and we start again.

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