Sitting Out in Physical Education?

IMG_0004Thanks for all the emails regarding what to do with students who need to sit out because of illness or injury.  Here are some of the great ideas I received not in any specific order

1.  Have student help officiate

2.  Have student work as videographer.  Using iPad video other students, watch and help them evaluate movements

3.  Have student work as a coach with one or two other students.

4.  Injured student uses clip board and records all the demonstrations of “good sportsmanship”.  At the end of class they read through what they saw other  students doing really well.

5.  Set up Long Rope station.  Injured student is a rope turner, if they are on crutches they could do this sitting down

6.  Have injured student be the interviewer.  Interview students in class, how many can tell you the five components of health related fitness, or what are students favorite ways of staying physically active when they aren’t at school. What are the benefits of being physically active….

7.  Perform their PT exercises in class

8.  Play a fun game on iPad to learn muscle groups

9.  Create a bulletin board on fitness or PE terms

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