Students with Notes

How you handle a student who comes with a note from a parent saying. “Julie cannot participate today she …….”?  I don’t have this scenario very often, usually students will bring a note saying “Julie hurt her ankle in gymnastics last night she might need to take it easy today”.  Those are easy I just say to the student “Make sure you only do what you are able, please don’t do anything that makes your ankle hurt! Let me know if you are unsure about one of our activities.”

I have a student now who has a doctor’s note to “not participate in gym” for 6 weeks!  Wow that is a long time!  Do you have any great ideas?  I was thinking I might check with her parents and see if she could spend some of her time in P.E. practicing juggling?  Still 6 weeks, 90 minutes a week, I will need more ideas!  I would love to hear what you all do!

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One response to “Students with Notes

  1. Love the juggling idea….Modifying, adapting, or when rehabilitation (physical therapy is in order) have her complete her PT plan. This usually includes low intensity exercises and stretches. I also love to make the injured kids my student aides who monitor equipment, help with management, and use them for video analysis by putting them in charge of video taping students completing sports skills. Utilize the Ipad coach’s eye app or Dartfish app. We use Coach’s Eye on our IPads and Dartfish on the Itouch. Final idea: Have them learn about the human body or healthy eating using one of the many great Ipad apps. Independent study project menus are easy to provide choices in this realm.
    Sometimes I wish our Doctors and PT’s were better informed about our abilities to differentiate for students with injuries. Unfortunately, their perceptions are often times what they experienced in P.E. decades ago in a negative way.

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