Core Standards in Physical Education, can they really be integrated?

Physical Education Integration

Elementary physical education

Those who know me, know that I care about authentic integration.  Key word being authentic.  In Physical Education we have limited time to teach rigorous outcomes.  We don’t have time to devote solely to other subject areas.  However we can use authentic integration, working other subject areas into our curriculum without taking away from our program. Integrating other subject areas can actually enhance what we are teaching.  Here is an example from a lesson I taught this last week.

First day of hockey, students were asked to warm up by dribbling a tennis ball with foam hockey stick.  They were then asked to Think, Pair, Share with a partner given this prompt ” describe all the ways dribbling in hockey is similar to dribbling in soccer and basketball”  Yes this is a skill straight from the Core standards to Compare and Contrast.  Students shared key elements of dribbling: “keep ball close, put body between ball and defender, use fakes…” also enhancing their physical education.

Students were told they would then be practicing keeping the ball away from an imaginary defender using the similarities they just described.  Before they started they were asked to make a prediction, what do you think is next in the progression.  This again comes from the Core standards and yet by predicting that they would soon be practicing against a real defender enhanced their imaginary defender practice.

Not earth shattering, just some added teaching elements.

3 responses to “Core Standards in Physical Education, can they really be integrated?

  1. I liked the idea of using tps to have kids compare and contrast. My principal happened to drop in when we were doing this, he later shared at our staff meeting that I was using some great integration activities! Yeah!

    • B. Glad to hear! We use compare and contrast throughout and contrast a good sport to a poor sport, compare and contrast the benefits of a bounce pass to a chest pass, compare and contrast your heart rate, interest level, expertise during various activities…

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