IMG_0077As our semester is nearing the end, I am reassessing.  I have found some easy and efficient assessment methods that I am using.

1.  Exit slips.  Recently we were working on dribbling.  As students lined up at the end of class I instructed them to pick up a half of sheet of paper and a pencil and sit down in line.  I then instructed them to list three learning cues for dribbling a ball with their hand.  This allows me to determine if students who may not demonstrate the skill at least know the learning cues.  In another class I did the same with the paper and pencil and asked them to list three ways to improve their health over Christmas break.  Each of these took about 2 minutes.

2.  Task cards: During various activities like Monopoly, obstacle courses, …I have students choose the top card.  These cards say things like “show Mrs. Burrows a stretch you might do for soccer.” or “tell Mrs. Burrows what you can do at home to improve your cardiovascular endurance.”  These are expected student outcomes from the Colorado State Standards.  Many of them require one on one to assess if students are “getting it”.

3.  Obstacle Courses:  Today before Christmas break all the classes are doing an adventure obstacle course.  They are pretending to save Christmas as they go through simple obstacles; over and under hurdles( candy canes), swing across a mat on the rope (licorice stick),  walk on the balance beam (icicle).  I include one of the skills I need to assess for their grade.  For example second graders dribble a ball with each hand.  Then as I monitor the obstacle course, I can assess each student as they come by on that particular skill.

I would be interested in hearing your ideas, how are you assessing your students?

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