Do you know where you’re going to?

On PE Universe, a blog I follow,  there has been lots of activity around skill checklists.  I am so thankful for Colorado State Standards and the detailed work in the student evidence outcomes.  Essentially this checklist published by CDE is my roadmap.  I set up my gradebook from the evidence outcomes.  Then I take notes on where students are compared to where they need to be.  I use informal assessments, exit slips, teacher observation, partner think pair share, thumbs up, peer observation, video recordings all to assess where my students are at compared to where they need to be.

Physical Education Gradebook

During a lesson I make notes on student achievement. Sometimes I just fill in the highs and lows. I use different colored pens to indicate different activities. I record the critical elements of the skill at the bottom of my page so I can note if a student just needs more work on one of the elements. Example..student may watch the ball when catching but not reach for the ball.

This publication details what skills need to be mastered at each grade level.  The Colorado State Standards parallel the National standards so even if you are not teaching in the state of Colorado this would be a great resource for  you!  If you are interested there is a link on my home page.

5 responses to “Do you know where you’re going to?

  1. Lynn- Love these checklists….I remember seeing Shirley Holt present at COAHPERD years ago and she was a huge advocate for checklist. Yours looks so much more detailed and cater to the state standards…Love it! Will you send me a copy of a spreadsheet of yours?

  2. Love this checklist. Is there a somewhere where I can get a copy of these checklists. Love the format.

  3. I just love your website!! Do you have any rubrics for your grading system? We are trying to put our assessments into a better system this year.

    • Thanks Lori! I will be working on creating rubrics this year. I won’t be using rubrics for the formative assessments but just the summative. I hope to post the rubrics and corresponding lessons throughout the year. I’d love to hear about you system as you create it!

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