Teaching Reading in Physical Education, authentic integration!

This activity is set up as a station in the gym for k-2.   I had the students on Bosu Balls.  If you don’t have Bosu balls you could do the same activity jumping on anything; a spot marker, spring board……

I have sight word flash cards in a box in front of the Bosu Balls.  Students take turns turning over a sight word card.  They then say the word, and spell the word, one letter for each time they jump on Bosu Ball.

For example, if the word is LOOK.  The students are jump and say “Look”.  Then jump and say “L, O, O, K,” and repeat the word “Look”  totalling 6 jumps.

kindergarteners used letter cards.  They had a card that had a T on it .  They jumped and said “T says ttt” (phonetic sound of T).  They would jump 3 times.  They then repeated with each letter three times.

Doing the same letter in groups assured if there was a student who couldn’t read the site word or who didn’t know the letter, they would hear the other students and be corrected.  I gave the students instructions that if they didn’t have someone in their group who knew the word for sure to come and ask me.  Students are working on balanced jumping and reading…authentic integration!

Teaching Reading in Physical Education

Students practice site words while working on balanced jumping!

On day 13, I am grateful for Deanna, one of our super first grade teachers who helped me develop this reading station.

5 responses to “Teaching Reading in Physical Education, authentic integration!

  1. Love your blog site Lynn! Great ideas to use with site words and Bosu balls. Swiss disc therapy balls are awesome for these activities as well. Jean Blaydes also recommends doing these type of activities with balance boards too… Site words, spelling, and in upper levels vocabulary words. We utilize spooner boards which are more safe than your regular balance boards or bongo boards.

    • Chris,
      I would love to hear how you use the spooner boards for integration. I just purchased some and would love some additional ideas of how to use them.

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