IPad Success in Physical Education!

Ipad success

Peer teaching with Ipads in Physical Education

Huge Ipad success has me appreciating our school staff!  I borrowed Ipads from staff members so that each pair of students had an Ipad with which to work.  Using the Camera Application that came on our Ipads students recorded each other doing one skill.  They reviewed the skill with their partner.  They talked about what they saw and what needed to change.  Then the student tried the skill again while being video taped.  Wow!  The growth was exponential!

We are in the middle of a gymnastics unit.  The first skill they recorded was the roll of their choice.  The second skill was a weight transfer.  I can’t even believe the changes I saw students make today.  At the end of class I asked them their opinions.  Here is some of what they shared.

” I haven’t ever seen myself on video, it really helped.”

“I thought I was better than I was, then when I made the changes I was able to be as good as I had originally thought I was.”

“It helped when my partner video taped me from the side of the mat instead of the end of the mat”  I actually changed my instruction after this feedback so that video taping was happening from the side of the mat.

I thought I was staying in a tight ball when I did my front roll, but when I watched I saw I was unrolling.  On the second video I liked what I saw.  I stayed in a tight ball.”

Who am I thankful for?  The great teachers who intrusted the Ipads to me!  Thank you!

One response to “IPad Success in Physical Education!

  1. I love the fact that your collegues lent you their ipads. I am having the same problem. we do not have any devices to use. have you tried it with younger students? I love reading your blog keeps me inspired while fighting to make PE fun and relevant.

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