Board Games In Physical Education? Never, but how about PE Monopoly


Game Pieces are paired up students!

Game board is posted sheets of paper on walls of gym. If you would like a copy of the game, go to the home page, click monopoly game, click links on page for Task Sheets and Task cards.Image

Our board is street names and places where we live.  Skills can vary some of our are: dribble soccer ball around gym, 5 pushups, 10 skier jumps over line, 3 cartwheels….Water works is written H2O go get a drink, some of the places have cards to draw that require students to perform different tasks.

Giant Dice

Objective of game: Students roll dice, moving around gym, performing specified tasks.

Skills: You can decide what skills you would like students to focus on and design your “board sheets”.  You can have as many board sheets as you want.  This activity will accommodate a large number of students!

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