Physical Education Word Wall

Physical Education Word Wall

Use a word wall to teach terms in physical education!

See Also Creating A TEXT RICH ENVIRONMENT for other word wall ideas

Authentic Integration can be as simple as adding a Physical Education Word Wall!  Easy to create, simple to use!  First of all you will need super fat markers, a list of physical education terms and a ladder.  I took my list of terms from Children Moving: A Reflective Approach to Teaching Physical Education by Graham, Parker and Holt/Hale.

Now you can start printing!  In addition to physical education terms I also have the world record long jump measured and marked, the world record high jump measured and marked, above the drinking fountain is H2O and finally I have each wall marked directionally North, South, East, or West.  I am thinking about adding clockwise and counterclockwise with arrows.

How do we use the word wall?  As a target, movement ideas and games, location markers. For example..”start with your partner between Jump and Leap”.  S Students can choose words to act out  ie…” Choose three words and show your partner all the ways you can perform your words.  How might your movement change when you change the order of the words.”

Authentic Integration Physical Education Word Wall

P.E. Word Wall

3 responses to “Physical Education Word Wall

  1. I have had a couple emails asking if the words were first written on paper. Nope! Anything glued up, taped up, or stapled up only lasts a couple days before it is knocked down. So, the words are written directly on the brick.

    • I use a marker called Sharpie Magnum Permanent Marker. I don’t remove any of the writing at the end of year. Becuase I know I’m returning to same building, and I will use the words, using the words is a good practice that won’t go away with a new trend. The red I usually have to go over again in the fall because it fades. When I’ve made a mistake I’ve just covered with a little white paint to fix.

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