Teaching reading skills in physical education

We know that when students line up to leave at the end of class we often review the lesson and  award great behavior.  I also like to integrate reading core content standards.  Students turn to the person next to them and compare and contrast skills we learned or practiced.  Students discuss the main idea of the lesson.  Students discuss the sequence of a skill.  Then as an entire class we share out from the partner discussions.  I then will tie this skill to reading.

The two minute mini lesson might sound like this…….

“When we compare and contrast two characters in a story we compare (talk about similarities, things that are the same), and then we contrast( talk about things that are different).  Today we practiced passing a soccer ball and shooting a soccer ball.  Turn to the person next to you and compare passing and shooting. Remember when we compare we are looking for characteristics that are the same.”

I give them about 30 seconds, I monitor discussions assessing to see if they “got it”.  This is an easy informal assessment for me!

teach compare and contrast in physical education

Students practice core content reading standard while practicing passing and shooting soccer ball!

I then ask one or two students to share.  They might say “When we pass and shoot we step next to the ball”, ” In both skills we also follow through by stepping on our kicking foot.”

Then I repeat the process with contrasting.  I would encourage you to try this with your students.  Another great bonus is the classroom teacher will often come to pick up part way through our discussion, they are always thrilled to see the core content standards being reinforced in physical education.

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