Week 3, day 1    3rd, 4th and 5th graders:

Warm up Dribbling Pinball.

All but 3 students start with a bowling pin.  They may place their pin anywhere inside basketball boundary lines.  They guard their pin while trying to knock down other pins.  They knock down other pins by foot dribbling a soft foam ball up to another person’s pin.  If their pin gets knocked down, they pick their pin up, run it to the first person in line (three people who did not start the game with a pin).  In our gym this line is right next to the drinking fountain so they get a drink while they are waiting.  They are usually only waiting about 20 seconds.

Introduce Juggling with a soccer ball.  Project juggling video  

Partner pass and trap:  Spend about 3-4 minutes on each cue:

1. Contact with inside of foot

2.  Contact the ball at the Equator

3.  Step next to ball

4.  Follow through and step on kicking foot

Extra Activity: Triangle passing:  Make a group of 3, pass the ball while traveling around in playing space

2 responses to “Soccer

    • Absolutely! Kindergarteners, first and second graders focus is more on the skills of soccer. We spend lots of time practicing dribbling, faking, kicking for power, kicking at targets, and punting. These skills prepare them for playing in the recreational league and meet our Colorado State Standards.

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