Soda Pop Killer!

Sugary Drink habit leads to obesity

Lets help our students understand how they can make decisions to be healthy!

Check out the latest research siting regular consumption of sugary beverages is linked to obesity.  You might be thinking well of course, this isn’t news!  But surprisingly many of our students and their parents haven’t made this connection!  Take a stroll through the lunch room and check out what loving parents pack for their little sweeties to drink!  I did this recently, not so many soda pops but lots of juice drink boxes, Capri Suns, Vitamin Waters, and sports drinks like Powerade.

This research article  is going up on our school news bulletin board and I may have to send a copy home in our newsletter!  Although I don’t have many students who struggle with obesity now, early habits can prevent problems later in life!  I am even thinking of a display of drink containers with sugar cubes to demonstrate the amount of sugar in common beverages might be eye catching in our school display case!

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