PE Wall of Shame

Physical Education Wall of Shame

News Flash! Check out the PE Wall of Shame!

Our school district recently purchased Spark.  During one of our Spark trainings, the instructor referenced this article, the PE Wall of Shame. It was published in the JOPERD 1994, and written by Neil F. Williams.

Our instructor mentioned that she has met teachers who find this list News Breaking!  I was honestly surprised that many of these practices are still happening. This article was written almost 12 years ago, the original article was published in 1992.

PE Central has a PE WAll of Shame that lists of  specific activities, when they were inducted and you can submit an activity!   Spark’s list included assigning physical activity as punishment.

Despite pressure from peers and research, many children today experience a similar PE to their parents.  I have to question what is going on?  Is it lack of knowledge? Is it because some teachers just don’t believe these are bad practices?  I’m not sure.  However shaming teachers who use poor practices doesn’t sit well.

As educators we are called to do just that, EDUCATE!  Not with condemnation, not with “shaming” our peers, isn’t that one of the Wall of Shame Items- don’t do activities that will cause a child exclusion or embarrassment?  Isn’t that the intention of the Wall of Shame to exclude teachers and shame them into changing their teaching practices?!   Let’s not condemn or shame our colleagues, we need to instead show our friends convincing choices, fun inclusive activities, practices where there is high participation and every child is treated with respect.  Let’s teach ways in which physical activity is given as a reward!

Come on friends, lets get the word out!   We all need to be advocates for a Quality physical education program!  Here is the challenge for each of us…get out there and teach!  Not just your students but your peers!

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