Is Authentic Integration an Oxymoron?

Is authentic integration an oxymoron?  Not necessarily.  If the integrated subject is adding to students’ achievement in the  physical education standards, by all means it is authentic.  If students are doing a writing activity that could be done as effectively  while moving, just so I can tell my administrator students write in P.E., it is unauthentic!

Most of us have some closure to our lesson, some reflection of what was learned.   Up until last year, I was doing the reflecting.  Left over from Madeline Hunter, I would commonly close a lesson by reviewing what we learned. However, like many elementary schools, our students have a difficult time summarizing, restating the main idea and sequencing.  You see where I am going!?

Now at the end of each lesson my students pair share “state the main idea (objective) of the lesson, or summarize our lesson, or  state the sequence of punting a ball”.  I direct them  “Turn to a neighbor and tell them the main idea of today’s lesson.”  I monitor pairs, then one or two of the pairs will share with the class.  Voila!  Authentic Integration within 2-3 minutes while students are lining up.  Not only does this simple activity allow students to practice their literacy skills it allows me to quickly assess, did students get what I was trying to teach!

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