10 Steps to Increasing Physical Activity

10 Steps to Increasing Physical Activity

1. Use Think/Pair/Share to replace class discussion.  Instruct students to think about concept, rules of game, steps of skill….then turn to a partner and share.  While students are sharing, teacher is monitoring for understanding.  One group then can share out to entire group.

2.  Have equipment out and ready to go.

3.  Teach on a PA system so students don’t have to stop and group up each time you need to modify instructions

4.  Use “no elimination” activities.

5. Have an activity going as students arrive.  This can be a simple tag game in which they already know the instructions.

6. Use student experts to help peers.  ” If you need some help in knowing how to hold the hockey stick, Rachel is an expert and she can give you a quick lesson”

7.  Teach students a few stretches they can perform while listening to directions.  Remember dynamic stretching before activity, static after warmed up… I don’t make students sit down and listen, because I teach with a microphone sometimes I give instructions while they are in an activity, sometimes I ask them to momentarily freeze. If I have a whole set of directions, I gather them up, they perform dynamic stretches, I give instructions Quickly!

8.  Keep directions concise.  Short and sweet is your friend!

9.  Pre-teach transitions.  Students need to know your expectations for getting equipment, getting water, going to the bathroom, getting partners….

10. Close your lesson when students are lined up waiting for classroom teacher, as other class is coming in starting beginning activity.

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