Music in physical education

I love to play pop music during physical education class. When my own children were younger they would download playlists for me to use. However, as they get older their music choices had words or topics that were school inappropriate! One year I was playing some pop music that may have been questionable for elementary students. One of my kindergarteners asked “Is this Kidz Bop?” as she continued to sing along. My reply was “No, but in the future it will be!”
As soon as I had a break in classes, I went on itunes and downloaded Kidz Bob #18,#19. I continue to update my “gym” music,  I am downloading Kidz Bop #22 right now. Here are 5 reasons to love it.
1.  My students like the selection of  music.

2.  The song words have been modified so I don’t have to worry that the content is inappropriate.

3.  The beats are great for movement!

4.  Students ask for it!

5.  Best reason of all, I can set my ipod on Kidz Bop playlist, hit shuffle and not worry about it!

What music do you play in the gym? Do you have any good recommendations?

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