Elementary Gymnastics Grades 3-5 day 4

I think this was my favorite day of our entire unit.  The students were so proud of their accomplishments!

PacMan Tag Warmup:  2 “its”, change “its” every minute.  3-5 minute game

Stretching on individual or shared mats.  Shoulder group, back, legs, wrists and ankles.  Students stretch on own,  I point out correct choices for each muscle group.

Review routine expectations written on the whiteboard in the gym while handing out routine sheets.  Example: 4th grade routine should include a weight transfer, a balance, a jump and a turn.

Students practice their routine through 3 times  1 minute

“Create a clear beginning and ending.  Everyone practice and show me your clear beginning and ending”  1 minute

“Pair up.  One partner will  hold routine sheet and check, is performer doing what they have on sheet?” 2-3

iPads in PE, iPads in gym

iPads in Physical Education allow students to self assess and refine skills


” Partner checks routine has very clear beginning and ending” 1 minute

” Now partners will check for controlled landings, soft soft soft!”

Partners then get iPads and video routines, refine routines, video…….until they have their best work recorded, all practices deleted.  This took about 20 minutes.  I reminded them of cues, soft landings, extended arms and legs.  I also reminded them I wanted their best work. 2014 Revised: Now my students upload their video on Google Drive to their own “sportfolio”. Because Google for education has unlimited storage for teachers, I never run out of space. Here is more information on how to make Easy Breezy Sportfoilios.

At the end of class I had students line up with routine sheets and pencil.  Exit slip was to answer these questions I gave them verbally.  1.  Does the recording you left on iPad reflect your very best work?  2.  Did your gymnastics skills improve over the last 4 classes?  3.  What cues do we think about when we are performing gymnastic skills?

I give students about 1 minute for exit slips.

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