Elementary Gymnastics Grades 3-5 day 3

Teaching Cart-wheels

Students learn cart-wheels by placing hands on helper mat and kicking feet over to other side.

On day 3 of the gymnastics unit I set up stations.

Station 1: Climbing Ropes     Students are allowed to climb or swing.  Students practiced symmetrical and asymmetrical balances on the ropes

Station 2: Short Jump Ropes   This was my cardio station.

Station 3: Traverse Wall  Again students practiced climbing and symmetrical and asymmetrical balances

Station 4: Partner Gymnastics  Spark has some great partner task cards for this station

Station 5: Bosu Balls  Students balanced attempted a balance progression where starting on two feet with the ball half up they bent down picking a beanie baby up off the floor and then setting it down on the other side of their bodies on the floor.  They progressed on to one foot, then flipped the Bosu ball over and repeated the progression with the ball half down.

Station 6: Cart-wheel station  Again this station was a progression of difficulty.  Students could practice cart-wheel on mat using a helper mat.  Practice on a mat no helper mat.  Practice on a line on the gym floor trying to get hands and feet  on a line, when they could complete this they showed me.  The next step was to cart-wheel off the floor beam, then cart-wheel on the floor beam.

Station 7: Students refined their gymnastics routines.  They made sure their routine had the required elements and practiced

Station 8: Students video taped each other performing their routines using my iPad.

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