Elementary Gymnastics Grades 3-5 day 2

Pac Man Warm up.  Tag game on floor with scattered mats.  See Pac Man Tag for details.

Student spread out on mats.  Stretch major muscle groups: shoulders, back, legs.  Students choose their own stretch, I point out students who are stretching correct muscle group.  In the past students performed static stretches but now we use dynamic stretches. Two reasons we stretch are to prevent injuries and lengthen muscles.  Different than when we exercise we strengthen muscles.

Review of what we accomplished on Day 1 .  As a class we went through each category, Rotational Skills, Rolls, Weight Transfers, and Balances.  Students practiced and then wrote down on their own routine sheet at least one roll, one weight transfer and one balance they felt comfortable performing.

Next steps, students pair up or teacher pairs students up.  Using Ipads, students video partner first doing one roll.  They both review the video and discuss one change that would improve the skill.  Same student practices the change then gets recorded again, watches and critiques skill.  Students take turns with each skill.  I give them pacing; “now you should be recording your  weight transfer.” I restate cues for each skill.

As the teacher I am monitoring, reminding students of cues, helping them analyze their skill.  I also had to help the with recording skills.  We thought it worked best to step back from mat, holding ipad sideways so entire mat was in viewer.

Students line up with routine sheets and pencils.  I have them think, pair, share their opinion of their learning with ipads since this was our first day using them this way.   The feedback has been very positive!  I cannot believe the growth when they self analyze!

Exit Slips:   I then asked students to answer the following questions on the back of their routine sheet. I had questions written on white board.  I read the questions out loud.  I told them they did not have to answer in complete sentences due to time restraints (about one minute)

1.  True or False  I was able to improve a gymnastic skill today.

2.  One change I am trying to make to my _________________skill is to ______________.

3.  One reason we stretch is to ________________________________.

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