Elementary Gymnastics Grades 3-5 day 1

Warm Up: Pac Man  Introduce game

Explain gymnastics expectations:

We all will be participating at our very own level

If we are crash landing, the skill is too difficult and we need to move to an easier skill

We are learning gymnastics to become better movers, not olympic gymnasts

State to students Grade level expected outcomes posted on white board by grade level

Play Pac Man

Students move to mats and perform dynamic stretches for  shoulders, backs, legs, wrists and ankles.  Point out students who are doing stretches for each muscle group.  Remind students as they are stretching that stretching is different from exercising. When we are stretching we are making our muscles longer, when we exercise we make our muscles stronger.

While students are stretching wrists and ankles hold up Routine Sheets.  Tell them these are the sheets we will be using.  They will need to fill in one skill for each of the 4 categories.

Go to posters on wall.

Physical Education Gymnastic Lesson Word Wall

Posters on wall defining Rolling, Weight Transfer, Balance, Traveling

1.  Rotational Skills; spinning, jump turns.  Review arm swing, not washing machine, eyes spot on something. Demo jump turn, have students practice.

2.  Weight Transfer: mule kick, kick-up, hand stand, cartwheel, round-0ff, any skill where I am transferring weight from my feet to my hands to my feet.  Allow students to practice at their own comfort level.  I have helper mats set up on a few of the mats to help students who don’t know how to cartwheel.  I move about gym refining and teaching as they practice.  Cues are quiet landings and extended limbs

3.  Static Balance:  stork stand, scale, tip up, tripod, headstand.  Balances we can hold momentary stillness.  Cues are tight core.  I tell my students tight core means tightening the muscles that keep me from wetting my pants.  Eyes spot or stare at something not moving. Again, I move about gym refining, teaching, reminding students of cues.

4.  Rolling: log roll, egg roll, shoulder roll, tuck roll, straddle roll, …With third grade I went through each of these reteaching.  They have learned these rolls in second grade but rolling forward and backward are third grade standards so we did rocking on back, back shoulder rolls, and front straddle rolls ( they are easier for students to get to back of head).

Students then picked up routine sheet.

Name___________ Class_____

Roll_________  ___________

Weight Transfer ___________ _________

Balance __________ ___________

Other __________ __________


1.___________      5. ____________

2.___________      6. ____________

3. ___________     7.  ___________

4.___________      8._____________

Today students just filled in one roll, one weight transfer, one balance they were comfortable doing.  If they weren’t sure what was what they could reference sheets on wall.  I gave them about 3-4 minutes for this part of the activity.

Students got in pairs on mats and showed their partner their roll.  Partner gave feedback and switched.  They went back to their mat and practiced the roll with the feedback.  I repeated this with weight transfer and balance.

Teach students cartwheels with helper mats

Students learn cartwheel by putting hands on mat, kicking feet over to other side

3 responses to “Elementary Gymnastics Grades 3-5 day 1

  1. What is the Routine and Other space for? and After they practice with their partner what happens next? how do you end this lesson plan.. bring it all together?

    • Des,
      The gymnastics lesson that you’re referring to is just one lesson of four. Check out the rest of the days for the overview. As far as wrapping up the daily lesson, students reflect on their own strengths and are asked to share changes they made based on their partner’s feedback. The four day unit is on my blog at lovepe.me under elementary gymnastics days 1-4. Hope this answers your questions. Please let me know how it goes for you. Gymnastics is one of my favorite lesson series because students are so accepting and supportive of each other’s challenges and strengths.

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