Teaching Elementary Gymnastics

Ten Quick Tips for Teaching Elementary Gymnastics.  For more info check out gymnastics unit and lessons.

1.  Remember all students will look different.  Allow that to be OK.  In my classes we talk about how each of us has different experiences and talents and we will all look different.

2.  Share the grade level outcomes with your students.  Let them in on the educational goal!

3.  Emphasize thousands of times: soft landings, safe landings, no no no crash landings.

4.  Position all your mats randomly around your space so all students can be active and not watching eachother.

5.  Provide options for all the skills.  For example with rolling: log roll, egg roll, shoulder roll, tuck roll, straddle roll.  This allows for you to differentiate your teaching.

6.  Teach skills briefly, then allow time for differntiation and practice.

7.  Have students pair up and give eachother coaching tips.

8.  Use your ipad, borrow ipads, flip cameras so students can video tape eachother on one skill.

9.  Challenge your gymnasts to go through your lesson while pretending to be on the balance beam.

10.  Use cues for teaching different skills.  For example when teaching a log roll  1. body is tight  2.  arms and legs are extended.  When teaching a jump turn 1. Arms don’t washing machine they swing straight up, 2. Eyes spot on something that is not moving.

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